Courtney Love Reacts To Doja Cat’s Cover Of ‘Celebrity Skin’

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love shared an Instagram post to reveal her thoughts on the rapper Doja Cat’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ cover.

On August 31, 1998, Courtney Love’s band Hole released their third studio album ‘Celebrity Skin.’ The album featured a debut single of the same name, and it became Hole’s most commercially successful single as it was their only music effort that reached no. 1 on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart.

‘Celebrity Skin’ was written by Courtney Love and recorded in 1997 after Hole went on a hiatus in 1996 due to Love’s focus on a movie career. Following the release, the song appeared in various films and video games. Recently, ‘Celebrity Skin’ also found itself in a Taco Bell commercial as a cover by rapper Doja Cat.

On February 11, rapper and singer Doja Cat released her cover of ‘Celebrity Skin.’ The cover was as part of Doja Cat’s Super Bowl LVI commercial for Taco Bell, and after the commercial appeared during the show, she received pretty positive views from the fans. Moreover, Courtney Love also helped the rapper to rework the lyrics.

In a recent Instagram post, Courtney Love shared several TikToks of fans who loved the cover and revealed her thoughts on Doja Cat’s version of ‘Celebrity Skin.’ She said that she loves Doja Cat and hopes the song becomes a hit to show the world that Doja can make music of all genres. Love then said she worked with Doja on the lyrics and criticized those who thought the song’s chorus sounds like Disney rock.

Courtney Love’s Instagram post read:

“Still… totally enjoyable. Doja Cat, I love this & you. I hope it streams the sh*t & shows you can do any & all genres. I love a woman of color slaying in white boys club rock. Makes me so happy.

My motto is ‘Don’t bore us! Get to the chorus!’ The same as Nirvana, cheap trick, The Beatles. Not all hooks are TM Disney. Despite having to clean up the ‘dirty’ words for Taco Bell, Doja and I worked (and fought some, too) hard to keep this song about what it’s about.

Fringe-dwelling LA life, us against them, shitty sex work for misfits, en route to trying one’s hand at fame & what it’s like on the way/once there. That’s my only complaint. But do what you want. People need context, and if a hook in a song is ‘Disney’ to them… Peace.

Happy Valentine’s.”

You can watch the commercial and listen to the full version of Doja Cat’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ cover below.