Courtney Love On Why She Can’t Stand Beyoncé, Taylor Swift And Lana Del Rey

During a recent chat with the UK’s Standard, Courtney Love explained why she doesn’t like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Beyoncé.

Love said she is happy to see more female artists appear. She then added many of them sound similar and criticized Beyoncé’s music:

“I mean, I like the idea of Beyoncé doing a country record because it’s about Black women going into spaces where previously only white women have been allowed, not that I like it much. As a concept, I love it. I just don’t like her music.”

Why Doesn’t Love Like Taylor And Lana?

She then extended her criticism towards Swift and Del Rey:

“Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist. I haven’t liked Lana since she covered a John Denver song, and I think she should really take seven years off. Up until ‘Take Me Home Country Roads,’ I thought she was great. When I was recording my new album, I had to stop listening to her as she was influencing me too much.”

Love also shared how she feels about Madonna:

“I don’t like her, and she doesn’t like me.”

She said that she likes female artists like Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Nina Simone, and Debbie Harry.

Love’s thoughts on Swift changed over the years, though. She wished Taylor a happy birthday in a December 2021 post on Facebook and praised her as a role model for young women.

Love doesn’t hold back when criticizing female artists she dislikes, but she’s also supporting women in music. She questioned the lack of female representation in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2023 with a tweet.