Courtney Love On Stephanie Hsu Citing Her As Her ‘Guiding Light’

In the entertainment industry, you’ll never know what or who will become your inspiration, taking you on new and exciting roads. Apparently, the Everything Everywhere All at Once actor Stephanie Hsu is a stan for Courtney Love, as she even told Stephen Colbert that she’s ready to channel her inner Love into taking on the Oscars and having a grand old time.

“You know, early on, someone showed me this video of Courtney Love, and it’s amazing; you should Google it,” Hsu said, referring to an interview Love gave back in the day. “But it is Courtney Love; you know she was a grunge queen, getting a little bougie and getting pushback from people.”

The actor continued, “She did a press interview, and she said a lot of crazy things but one of the things she said is, ‘If I get a chance to go to the Oscars and wear a fabulous gown and look absolutely fabulous, then I’m going to f*cking take it.’ So I have been really channeling my internal Courtney Love to have a good time.”

After Stephanie’s comments, Courtney responded on Instagram and not only shared her love for the movie but also talked and gave a shout-out to Michelle Yeoh and Hsu for their remarkable performance in the film. Love wrote, “I love Everything Everywhere All At Once. Stephanie Hsu and Michelle Yeoh, I am flattered to have helped you drive away the ‘Am I a sell-out?’ in your head. Your performance is flawless.”

Their interaction didn’t stop there as Hsu commented on Love’s Instagram post, saying, “F*ck yeah, Courtney Love, you are the queen and a feminist (& fabulous) powerhouse. That whole interview has been my guiding light; thanks to the Rodarte girls for sharing it with me. Cheers to you, and cheers to ‘thousands and thousands of years of fashion in our DNA! It’s what we do!’”

It’s a small world, more compact than most people realize, as the two people who most likely won’t ever cross paths get the chance to support and hype each other up. Whether it’s a new friendship on the horizon or not, their interaction probably made Stephanie Hsu’s day. So, it seems like a win-win situation.