Courtney Love Is Charmed By Nick Cave And The Handsome Men At The Coronation

Courtney Love’s Twitter feed was abuzz with excitement as she shared her thoughts on the Coronation of King Charles III last Saturday. The rock musician and actress couldn’t help but comment on the attractive men at the event, giving her followers a glimpse of her fascination with the ceremony.

In her commentary, the former vocalist of Hole shared a photograph of Penny Mordaunt, Lord President of the Council, who made history as the first woman to hold the Sword of Offering. She expressed her admiration for the politician’s appearance, outfit, and the way she held the sword, likening it to Tudor and Boudicca vibes.

In the same thread, Love asked her followers to suspend their political opinions, asserting that she was ‘an artist and a guest’ in the country without the right to vote in Britain. The singer maintained that she was only enjoying the event, regardless of others’ opinions.

First, she wrote:

“I’m now obsessed with Penny Mordaunt taking it way up a notch with actual Tudor, full Ann of Cleves, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour Headdress holding this golden sword! Boudicca vibes. Obsessed! I couldn’t take my eyes off her!”

Then, she followed by saying:

Suspend your politics, please. I’m an artist and a guest in this country. I do not vote here. Leave it out, enjoy it, or don’t; I’m enjoying it! With appreciation.”

Moreover, the handsome men attending the ceremony also attracted the musician’s attention. Following her Mordaunt tweet, she shifted her attention to King Charles’ equerry, Major Jonathan Thompson. The artist dubbed him the ‘second most handsome man in Britain,’ adding that his kilt only heightened his allure before playfully acknowledging that he was, indeed, married.

Love didn’t stop at swooning over British politicians and soldiers. She also tweeted about Nick Cave, who received criticism for attending the Coronation and being labeled a monarchist. Attaching a news link about his attendance, the rock singer called him a ‘wise owl/wily fox’ while noting his response to the comments. She suggested that if one was devoted to monarchy, they should ‘do it right and weird.’

She complimented Major Jonathan Thompson as follows:

Second most handsome man in Britain (We call my surgeon ‘the Scottish Paul Newman’) be still our beating hearts. Damm boy! You’re killing us! The kilt makes it extra hot! Major Jonathan Thompson, equerry (there is a gorgeous Mrs. Thompson, I checked, duh!).”

About Nick Cave, Courtney said:

“What that wise owl/wily fox Nick Cave says. Taking note of his riposte. If committed to monarchy, do it right. Do it weird.”

Responding to people’s opinions, Cave stated that, despite being aware of the discussions surrounding the monarchy, he felt an emotional attachment to the royals due to their peculiar nature. It seems Courtney Love shared similar sentiments, as evidenced by her tweets showcasing her amazement and openly confessing her admiration for ‘pageantry.’