Corey Taylor’s Wife Alicia Responds To Criticism Of Her Stage Outfits


Cherry Bombs’ Alicia Taylor recently responded to a harsh criticism she received from a YouTube user about the dance supergroup’s stage and photoshoot outfits. The comment was made to a behind-the-scenes video of Cherry Bombs’ photoshoot eight months ago.

Alicia Taylor entered the rock/metal scene not to sing or play instruments on stage. She came up with her show band, Cherry Bombs, to display unique dance choreographies on rock and roll songs instead of pop songs. Their shows aim to encourage female empowerment in the rock music scene and show how there can be a successful dance performance using rock songs.

They use art, costumes, and dangerous elements like fire to rock the stage. Their audience often doesn’t know what to expect because what these women are doing on stage is unique and surprising every time. Even though they aim to inspire women in the male-dominated rock and metal scene, not all people are happy with their performance.

Alicia had shared some scenes of the photoshoot they did eight months ago, and a comment grabbed her attention, to which she recently reacted through her Twitter account. The comment revolved around a user’s discomfort in seeing women in their underwear in the video, and they seem to be so disturbed about it that they felt the need to blame the Cherry Bombs for trying to ‘sell sex.’

Here are some of the phrases the user used in the comment:

“I’m sorry I can’t take them seriously until they stop parading around in underwear, specifically underwear for ‘sexy time.’

In a genre for all us misfits, where especially where teenage girls are concerned, nobody judged you for not having the perfect hourglass figure. I just think it’s kinda sending the wrong message and maybe just maybe adding to insecurities in a part of someone’s life where they used to be able to get away from having the stereotypical beautiful female body type forced down their throats.

You don’t see ballet dancers with their arses out in suspenders and fishnets, complete with PVC or leather Basque, do you?”

While claiming that no one is shaming Alicia for not having an ‘hourglass figure,’ they argued that she is setting a bad example for teenagers in terms of forcing a stereotypical female body image on them. They gave an example of ballet dancers and how we never see them wearing sexy stage costumes. Although their lengthy message was highly detailed, the user’s comment didn’t make sense to Alicia.

Here is what Alicia tweeted after sharing the comment:

“All that effort only to miss the mark by a goddamn football field.”

The user went on to Twitter and replied to Alicia, stating:

“Looks like I hit a raw nerve tho. Please spare the false outrage, I’m 50 years old, and if I know one thing in life, it’s that sex sells. So whatever you want to dress it up as and pretend that you don’t wear what you wear because it’s a sure-fire route to cash at the very least.”

She replied:

“False outrage? You wrote a novel, unprovoked. I wear underwear on stage. I also wear a trench coat. And pants. And bodysuits. Sometimes dresses. Wigs. Shirts. It’s called wardrobe. It’s not real life, it’s a performance. Get. Off. My. D*ck. About. It.”

Another fan got involved and tweeted about the nature of body shaming:

“Aren’t we supposed to encourage women to ‘speak their truth’ and get their opinions out there in this man-saturated environment? How do we know which women we can belittle and shame online without being hypocrites?”

Here is what Alicia replied:

“I’ll help: you don’t belittle or shame a woman for what she chooses to wear. You belittle or shame a woman for acting like an asshole, and that includes sharing an opinion in a d*ckish way.”

The discussion and arguments went on below these tweets. Some defended Alicia for doing whatever she wanted and stressed that she shouldn’t have to cope with criticism for her show costumes. However, others defended the right to state their opinions on social media freely.

You can see the tweets and the full comment below.