Corey Taylor Recalls The ‘Fatal’ Mistake Slipknot Made

Corey Taylor recently recalled how Slipknot almost blew up a stage because of one simple but ‘fatal’ mistake while appearing on AXS TV.

The frontman discussed how the incident took place when Slipknot decided to hire a pyro technician without doing a background check, trusting the new hire would go by the books and set up their stage prompts properly.

Well, that proved to be a mistake that almost cost both the band and their fans’ lives, as the ‘pyro guy,’ as Taylor put it, decided to violate rules and brightly think it was a nice idea to put fire prompts in the most improper places. So, after one particular, almost ‘fatal’ mistake, Corey and his bandmates had to interfere minutes before the stage blew up.

The rocker recalled:

“We got the great idea to bring pyro [technician] with us because we’re just going to start going crazy with it. We hired a dude who, come to find out, was not legally licensed… Trust me, [and] it gets worse. He’s setting all stuff up; he’s packing himself in the back of a truck; it’s like 120 degrees in there.

He’s also got the concussion set right spitting distance from the audience, which is illegal; it’s supposed to be twenty-five feet back, and he also has the dragons that we were using the fire right in front of the PA speakers… One night, it gets better, we look over, and the dragons are going off.

They set fire to the PA system… Now, the fire is sitting right next to the tank that has all of the fuel, [and] we’re looking at it. It was me, and Fame ran over, and we’re hitting [that] with towels trying to put it out before it explodes and kills us all. To this day, it scares me every time we go off.”

It was a lesson learned on Slipknot’s part not to bring or hire people without doing background checks, and it seems that the simple mistake almost cost the band and the audience their lives.