Corey Taylor On Pantera Reunion, ‘There’s No Replacing Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul’

Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell helped create a timeless legacy with their works in Pantera. After the pair’s passing, Pantera was pretty hesitant about a reunion, as nobody can replace the Abbott brothers. Speaking to Metal Hammer, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recently explained why it’s impossible to replace Vinnie and Dimebag in a potential Pantera reunion.

There’s no replacing those guys,” claimed Corey Taylor while speaking about the Abbott brothers. “Ever! So, if anyone wants to look at this as not full-blown members, fair enough, but it’s not like they just replaced them with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. You’re talking about family; the metal community is a massive family. It will not sound like old Pantera, and people need to prepare themselves for that.”

Taylor continued, “But with us, Jay does not sound like Joey, and V Man doesn’t sound like Paul. We continue because we need to and we want to. We need to be supportive of Phil and Rex because think about how they will feel the first time they step on a stage without the Abbott brothers playing those songs. I know how it feels! It’s a f*cking shock to the system, and if we’re not supportive, then why are you at the f*cking concert?”

Dimebag Darrell’s tragic passing left the metal music world in agony. He was shot and killed by a deranged fan who was upset that Pantera split. Around fourteen years after his brother’s passing, Vinnie Paul died of coronary artery disease. When the Abbott brothers were gone, and neither Pantera nor their fans believed that the band would continue by replacing them.

Although filling Dimebag and Vinnie’s shoes is challenging, Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante will try to do so during Pantera’s 2023 reunion. The band is now getting ready for their first major tour in 22 years, and they will take the stage in South America in December 2022 to co-headline Monterrey Metal Fest with Judas Priest.

Similar to the remaining Pantera members, it’s been difficult for Corey Taylor and his Slipknot bandmates to get over Joey Jordison and Paul Gray’s passing. The two contributed greatly to the band with their musical talents, but Taylor believes they can still continue as a band with Jay Weinberg and Alessandro Venturella. So, he thinks Pantera fans need to support Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown and be prepared for the new Pantera, as they won’t sound the same.