Corey Taylor Criticizes Young Singers Who Can’t Perform Like David Lee Roth

During a recent appearance on BBC Radio 2, Corey Taylor expressed disappointment in young vocalists’ inability to match David Lee Roth’s performance style.

The Slipknot frontman said, sharing why he regards Diamond Dave as his rock god:

“Hey, what’s up? This is Cory Taylor from Stone Sour and Slipknot and the artist I’d like to choose as my rock god is David Lee Roth. When you think of the quintessential 80s frontman, even though he kind of dipped his toe into the 70s and whatnot, he was the blueprint for the wild crazy California kicka** frontman.”

Recalling Roth’s Live Performances With Van Halen

He then recalled watching DLR perform live with Van Halen and talked about how he admires Roth’s ability to engage the audience:

“He was there to entertain. He was going to get you to let go. He’s going to make that fist inside you on clinch. When Van Halen first got back together, they came through to Des Moines, and I finally got to see him. Not only him but with Van Halen. This was like hit after hit after hit. Doing that, the million-watt smile going on, just ‘Everybody’s having a good time tonight,’ just that showman.”

The Missing Showmanship In Today’s Music Scene

Taylor believes many new artists are too serious and lack Roth’s fun, party-bringing style, as he explained:

“That is sorely missed sometimes in this day and age. I mean some of the great still do it, but it’s like the younger generation don’t have that. They’re so busy taking themselves so seriously. It’s like, ‘Lighten up, Francis.’ Just bring the party. So that’s David Lee Roth for me.”

Taylor’s Own Approach To Being A Showman

The singer’s own style also reflects his thoughts on being a showman. Whether he’s boldly standing unclothed in front of a crowd of onlookers or energetically performing for thousands of young fans, Taylor has proven himself to be an entertainer. In a 2007 chat with Revolver, he noted:

“I’m loud. I’m boisterous. I want people to have a good time when they’re with me. I love that, you know.”

You can listen to his conversation below.