Coldplay Announce Fans Can Help Power The Show With Their Environmentalist Innovation

Coldplay recently announced during a recent interview with Billboard that they put bicycles and kinetic dance floors for the audience to make their tour eco-friendly.

Carbon footprint, which means greenhouse gases that people produce, has been an important issue as the world faces catastrophic climate change. Numerous musicians, such as Radiohead, Billie Eilish, and The Chicks, consider solutions to reduce these effects, especially during the tours when they use the most energy and produce more waste.

Radiohead previously had the first ‘Carbon Neutral World Tour’ when they revealed using biofuel tour busses. The band tried to reduce carbon emissions during the tour. They also gave the audience disposable cups rather than plastic water flaskes before the shows on the tour in 2008.

Recently, Coldplay has become one of the artists who tried to reduce the effects of carbon footprints during their tours. As the band members revealed, they added bikes and kinetic dance floors, which would encourage fans to help power while enjoying the show.

The band’s bassist Guy Berryman stated that it was an excellent opportunity for people to enjoy the concert and fulfill their responsibility to the environment at the same time. The vocalist Chris Martin indicated that they wanted to exemplify how protecting the world and green could be fun.

Guy Berryman said in his words:

“That’s the way it will bed in if people see it less as a sort of onerous responsibility and more as a kind of opportunity to do something fun, and it’s a benefit to the environment and the whole concert experience.”

Chris Martin added in the same interview:

“Being green is not a charitable sort of self-flagellating, holier-than-thou exercise. It’s a good business model. That’s what we’d like to show.”

As climate change became more dangerous to the entire world, Coldplay wanted to contribute to preventing this global issue. They have brought a solution by putting bikes and kinetic dance floors for the audience to make them a part of this entertaining and helpful idea.