Cliff Williams Explains How Angus Young Changed His Mind When He Wanted To Retire From AC/DC

AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams opened up about the time when he wanted to leave the band during the ‘Rock or Bust’ tour and apparently, it was the lead guitarist Angus Young who changed his mind in addition to the reunion of AC/DC for their brand new album ‘PWR/UP.’

As many of you may know, Cliff Williams announced his plans to retire from the music industry after the AC/DC’s ‘Rock Or Bust Worl Tour’ which was a problematic tour due to Malcolm Young’s dementia which ultimately kept him away from performing, Phil Rudd’s absence because of being under house arrest, and Brian Johnson’s forced retirement due to hearing problems, back on July 7, 2016, after working with the band for nearly four decades.

Williams’ last performance with AC/DC was at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia back in September 2016 marking the date of his retirement, however, four years later, AC/DC officially confirmed that he, along with other bandmates Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd, has rejoined the band and created their seventeenth studio album, ‘PWR/UP.’

During a recent interview, Cliff Williams revealed that he actually wanted to leave the band during the Rock or Bust Tour, however, his bandmate Angus Young convinced him to finish the tour since there was already enough going on during the tour with the other bandmates.

Here is what Williams said:

“I thought I’d seen the last of me too, haha. Look, I spoke to Angus on the Rock Or Bust tour – I said that I felt that I was done. It was my time, I guess. Phil had done the recording and then never did come on the road with us.

He had his issues, and that’s that, you know, so we had Chris Slade come in to replace Phil. And then of course we had that terrible thing with Brian, he really needed to stop, so Axl came in and did a bang-up job, God bless him, and got us through to the end of it.

As Angus said, you can’t have a tour called Rock Or Bust and bust, so we wanted to finish it, which we did. And then that was it—we all went home and I was pretty much done.”

In addition to revealing the force behind his decision to stay, Williams also revealed that once the Rock or Bust tour was over he was done, yet, when Angus reached out to him once again for another album for the late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, he agreed.

Here is what he said:

“But Angus and Sony reached out a couple of years ago, asking if we would have any interest in getting together to do an album with Malcolm in mind. Back In Black had Bon Scott in mind. This album has Malcolm in mind – and because it was Brian and Angus and Phil and Stevie, I wanted to do it. And it went really well.”

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