Chris Martin Opens Up About Coldplay’s Collaboration With BTS


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin shared his feelings about the worldwide known South Korean band, BTS, and two bands’ collaboration for Coldplay’s latest record during his recent appearance on The Ellen Show. Martin also detailed how he decided to perform a song with them.

Coldplay released their ninth studio album entitled ‘Music of the Spheres‘ on October 15, 2021. The band members were inspired by the ‘Star Wars’ series which made the album their second space-themed record following ‘X&Y.’ Even though their longtime fans loved the band’s pop-oriented style, the music critics had mixed reviews about the album. Coldplay worked with Selena Gomez, We Are King, and Jacob Collier for the album.

In addition, the band teamed up with BTS, which is one of the most famous and popular bands in the world with its members’ talents as musicians and dancers. They collaborated to sing a track from the record, ‘My Universe.’ Initially, the song featuring both English and Korean lyrics was released as a single on September 24, 2021, to promote Coldplay’s upcoming album. Their harmony was appreciated a lot by both of these bands’ fans.

In a recent interview with Ellen, Chris Martin stated that BTS wanted to perform with them at the beginning which the frontman found very surprising considering their different styles. Then, he made a joke about the age gap between them saying that they look like their ‘gym teachers.’ However, apparently, they became very good friends in time. Chris added that their collaboration represents the union of people who couldn’t be together.

Martin stated in his interview that:

“We did a song with BTS called ‘My Universe’ and that came about because someone said to me ‘Oh, BTS asked you to do a song with them.’ That’s what I got told. How are we gonna fit these two things together? Then the idea started to seem very attractive and it was weird. One day, the right song just kind of arrived. I just knew the time.

This is the song that we are supposed to do with BTS and it’s supposed to be about people who can’t be together and were told that they shouldn’t be together, forced to be in separate places. Then it felt really natural and it’s still quite bizarre. I mean we look like gym teachers but we loved them. It’s something that could have seemed so artificial and turned out to be the most real. We genuinely love these people.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.