Chris Fehn Breaks His Silence After Departing From Slipknot

Chris Fehn, the former percussionist of Slipknot, was interviewed by the ‘Drum For The Song‘ podcast host for the first time since his departure from the band. The interviewer asked if he had any messages for the fans and Fehn replied:

I pray for them and I love them and I’m sorry that it ended so soon. But that’s the way things go. The fans really were the only part that was great for me.”

He also mentioned the best part of being in a band and what he misses doing, continuing:

“That stage performance and seeing them and seeing their reaction was the best part. The rest of it can fuck off. It’s kind of like any band, though. That’s the best part. The rest of it is touring, flights, personalities, this and that, this and that. I really do miss them [the fans]. I miss playing live — I do. But it’s all good, man. It’s all good.”

Fehn parted ways with Slipknot in 2019 and in the same year, the rocker filed a lawsuit against the band, stating that he was told that all of the group’s income was passed on through a business that shares profits among band members. He then claimed, however, to have discovered the existence of multiple other Slipknot-related business firms, with other members earning more funds.

Fehn specifically accused Crahan and Taylor of engaging in shady business practices and requested a comprehensive forensic accounting of Slipknot’s companies and assets to collect the losses and profits he claimed were owed.

After the ex-percussionist’s exit from the band, a new percussionist nicknamed ‘Tortilla Man‘ took his place, later revealed to be Michael Pfaff.

You can watch the interview with Fehn down below.