Chris Cornell’s Final Photoshoot ‘The Last Session’ Will Be Sold As NFT

The Soundgarden and Audioslave’s late frontman Chris Cornell‘s last photoshoot is announced to be auctioned via his official Twitter account.

Chris Cornell is one of the most loved singers in the community that influenced so many lives. Unfortunately, the iconic frontman passed away back in 2017 due to suicide by hanging. The world was devastated after Chris’ death, and they made lots of events to remember the legacy of the singer. Besides the tribute concerts in the name of Cornell, there were also lots of charity events.

Recently, it was announced on Chris Cornell’s official Twitter account that Chris’ final photoshoot, named ‘The Last Session,’ will be sold as cryptography in an auction that is starting today.

These last pictures of Chris were taken by award-winning photographer  Randall Slavin, and they will be immortalized in NFT forms, which are the digital arts and assets that can be sold and held online.

Here is the official announcement from Chris Cornell’s Twitter page:

Introducing ‘The Last Session,’ coming tomorrow, August 5th. These Cryptographs are an intimate portrayal of Chris Cornell that would ultimately prove to be his final photoshoot, with photographer Randall Slavin. Available tomorrow at”

You can check out the post below.