Chris Broderick Names The Megadeth Song That Intimidated Him The Most

In late 2007, Megadeth parted ways with guitarist Glen Drover, leaving the band with an open spot. This was when drummer Shawn Drover suggested Chris Broderick to Dave Mustaine, who was impressed by the musician’s skills. Recently, the guitarist looked back on his first show with the band.

“I started working on their material even before I had the setlist for the shows,” said Chris Broderick in a conversation with Ola Englund. He then named the songs he practiced, “Because I was like, ‘Alright. What songs are they most likely to play?’ ‘Holy Wars,’ ‘Peace Sells,’ andHangar 18.’ I’m like, ‘Okay. I can start with those songs because it’s a guarantee that those are going to be in the mix.’”

The guitarist initially thought he could pull the songs off. He recalled, “So, that’s where I started. The funny thing was like… I was like, ‘I got this. This is going to be good.’ I decided to start with ‘Holy Wars.’” However, Broderick admitted that ‘Holy Wars’ was more challenging than the other songs.

“For me, ‘Holy Wars’ is actually one of the more intricate, not the most difficult but one of the more difficult songs to execute well,” Chris admitted. “When I started with that, I was like, ‘Maybe I don’t have this. I better really buckle down and make this work.’”

Broderick also considered some Megadeth songs more manageable, noting, “Then you get easier songs like Symphony of Destruction,’ which is a phenomenal song to play. It’s fun to play live, but when I hit songs like that, I was like, ‘Okay. Phew!’ I don’t have 22 ‘Holy Wars’ types of songs to get down under my belt, so it was good.”

After six years of tenure with Megadeth, during which he toured and recorded with them, Chris Broderick parted ways with the band in 2014. The guitarist released a statement on his website, saying he left due to creative differences and wanted to pursue his own musical direction. He also wished Dave Mustaine and other Megadeth members the best, which showed that he had departed the band on good terms.