Charlie Benante Says The Focus In AC/DC Is On Angus Young

Charlie Benante of Anthrax recently spoke to the Talk Louder podcast and argued that Angus Young is the center of focus in AC/DC.

Angus Young is the sole original member of AC/DC, known for his energetic stage shows, school-boy uniforms, and duckwalk. Throughout his career with the band, Young became an attention-grabbing figure thanks to his musical talents and endless energy.

Angus Young and his brother Malcolm were the founders of AC/DC, forming the band in November 1973. With the Young brothers’ efforts, AC/DC is now among the most successful rock acts in history. Sadly, Malcolm passed away in November 2017, making Angus the only remaining original band member.

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante is also a big fan of AC/DC. In the latest episode of the Talk Louder podcast, Benante touched upon his love for AC/DC and their drummer Phil Rudd. Citing AC/DC and Rudd in the top five among his all-time favorites, Benante stated Rudd is someone he was inspired by since he first heard him play.

Moreover, Benante added that most drummers want to fill in the way Rudd does because his fill-ins are nice and tasty. The drummer then argued that Rudd doesn’t overdo it because he understands his role in the band like his bandmates. All of them are aware that AC/DC’s focus is more on Angus Young, which causes other band members to keep their styles simple.

During the conversation, Charlie Benante said the following:

AC/DC is probably in my top five of my all-time favorite bands. And Phil Rudd has always been one of my favorite drummers. And some people may go, ‘Huh? What? Why?’ Phil Rudd is an awesome drummer and someone I have looked up to since I heard AC/DC. The way Phil Rudd approaches the songs and his meter, most drummers want to fill in a song.

Phil doesn’t fill that much, and when he does fill, it’s this nice, tasty, simple fill, and you feel it. So he doesn’t overdo it because Phil understands the role in the band. They all understood the role in the band, and the focus was Angus Young. So, ‘Angus is gonna do what he does, and we’re gonna stay back here, and we’re just gonna keep it simple.'”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.