Chad Gray Shares The Only Song Mudvayne Avoided Playing Live

Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray had a recent interview with Revolver and made a list of his favourite Mudvayne tracks to play on stage. Their 2008 song ‘A New Game,’ which the band performed very few times, appeared on stage for a different reason,  Chad said:

“We’ve been playing ‘A New Game,’ which we’ve only played a couple times outside of this tour. We just didn’t really feel like it went over very well, honestly, because it’s really f*cking heavy. And it’s going over great on this tour.”

Along with ‘Not Falling’ and ‘Fish Out of Water,’ another song Gray put on his list was ‘Nothing to Gein‘ from their 2000 ‘L.D. 50’ album. Regarding the song, the frontman said:

“Even before we broke up or whatever, that was a big one, just because of that whole ending thing. That’s just one of those songs where every night, I just fucking go down the rabbit hole and invite everyone to join me, so that’s always fun.”

The band is currently on tour, first time after a twelve year hiatus. Concerts appear to continue until November 3. You can check here for the tickets and information. You can listen to ‘A New Game’ below.