Ted Nugent Says Howard Stern Was Never A Journalist And Truth Seeker

Ted Nugent revealed his thoughts about the radio personality Howard Stern during a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge. According to the musician, Howard Stern is far from being a journalist and he is not a person who seeks the truth.

Joe Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Experience has sparked a huge controversy as the critics claim that he is spreading dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus disease and vaccines. Due to that, Spotify has received a backlash, and Neil Young threatened the platform to remove his music with many other musicians following him.

As an anti-vaxxer and a person who has controversial views about the global pandemic, Ted Nugent targeted Neil Young and his friend and supporter Joni Mitchell for their thoughts about Joe Rogan’s podcast. He said that the pair’s thoughts about Rogan are just stupid things and claimed Young is the one who spreads misinformation.

In a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge, a news-style video series in which Nugent reflects his ideas about various topics every night, Nugent also targeted Howard Stern, who also thinks Rogan spreads misinformation. The musician claimed that Stern gradually became an ‘isolated jackass’ who doesn’t respect alternative points of view and accuses him falsely.

Moreover, Nugent stated that Howard Stern was never a journalist and a truth seeker, while Joe Rogan has these traits. He then continued to share his thoughts about Rogan, stating he is a brave, courageous person who is not afraid to bring on other people’s opinions like virologists and epidemiologists who tell the truth about medicines and vaccines.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following:

“I was on Howard Stern’s radio show going all the way back to the ’70s and I’ve watched him turn into an isolated jackass, really, not really respecting alternative points of view and presuming and falsely accusing me, for example.

So, where I’ve had a good time with people like Howard Stern, who’s a powerful force in the media, but he was never a journalist, he was never a truth seeker. And Joe Rogan has accomplished that with much aplomb, dare I say.”

He then continued:

“Joe Rogan was brave and courageous and unafraid to bring on other people’s views and experiences and points of views, including word-class, revered epidemiologists, and virologists to bring in the truth about certain medicines and certain emergency shots. So, God bless Joe Rogan.”

You can watch the video below.