Carrie Underwood On How She Convinced Axl Rose For An ‘Unexpected’ Project

Country superstar Carrie Underwood recently revealed how she convinced Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses to join her on stage for an unexpected project. In an interview with Sirius XM, Underwood, who is a massive fan of Axl Rose’s unique voice, shared the story of how she managed to get the iconic rock frontman to perform alongside her.

Underwood’s admiration for Axl Rose goes way back, as she has been a fan of Guns N’ Roses since her early years. She always dreamt of singing with him, as she believes that his distinctive voice, which doesn’t sound like anybody else’s, adds something special to any song. ‘His voice just did different things,’ Underwood explained in the interview.

The country singer has been an ardent follower of Guns N’ Roses and their music, covering many of their hits throughout her career, such as ‘Paradise City,’ ‘Patience,’ and ‘November Rain.’ Underwood’s love for the band was further solidified after attending one of their shows in Las Vegas following the completion of her ‘Cry Pretty’ tour. That night, she got a chance to meet Axl Rose in person, which only deepened her appreciation and respect for the legendary rock singer.

Underwood started to talk about Axl Rose saying:

“I’ve been a fan since almost birth. His voice is something that just cut through the air to me. He didn’t sound like everybody else and sometimes it wasn’t pretty [because] that’s not what the song was meant for. He was willing to, you know, get into the song and do what the song needed. His voice just did different things.

She continued:

“We’ve covered GN’R since the beginning. Paradise City, Patience. I think we’ve done November Rain.”

Then she talked about how she met Axl:

“After the Cry Pretty tour wrapped up, I was like, ‘Hey everybody band, let’s go to Vegas and see Guns N’ Roses because they were playing a couple of shows there. So we went. They were like, ‘Do you wanna say hi afterward?’ I was like, ‘I’m not worthy to breathe the oxygen.’ They took me back to his dressing room and I just got to chat with him. We talked for a minute about the show, about touring, and stuff like that.”

Carrie Underwood didn’t hesitate to get in touch with Guns N’ Roses to make her dream of performing with Axl Rose come true. She eventually convinced them to collaborate through a heartfelt email, explaining her admiration for Axl and how much of an influence he has been on her music.

She said:

“I have been trying to sing with him for many years. We’d asked for stagecoach last year because we were like ‘We’re in your neck of the woods. We know you’re gearing up for a tour so maybe you’re in that mode.’ So I wrote an email and sent it and just explained why because it does sound unexpected. But I think just knowing what an influence he was and is to me.

We have fun, when I’m on stage by myself that’s one thing but then when there’s somebody else you get to play off of it’s just a different energy, a different vibe.”

Carrie Underwood was dedicated to making her dream of performing with Axl Rose a reality. When she is on stage with him, she finds herself channeling the iconic frontman’s energy, and her vibe changes as they feed off each other’s presence. This unexpected collaboration has undoubtedly created a memorable experience for both the artists and their fans.