Bruce Springsteen Faces New Lawsuit Due To An Album Cover

Bruce Springsteen’s album ‘Only the Strong Survive,’ released last year, received praise from critics for its departure into soul songs that have influenced him over the years. However, alongside its critical acclaim, the album has also brought Springsteen an unexpected legal challenge related to a Pontiac GTO featured in the album’s artwork.

Why Springsteen Is Facing A Lawsuit?

As reported by Anthony G. Attrino, a lawsuit filed by Louis M. Billotti alleges that his father, Louis A. Billotti, owned a 1968 GTO that was photographed for the album in 2021.

The lawsuit states that Louis A., unaware of the property’s owner until informed by the photographer, drove his historically registered car to Colts Neck, where Springsteen arrived during the photoshoot, posing with the car both inside and outside.

Billotti was told that a contract specifying the terms of compensation would be sent to him. However, after leaving the property that day, Billotti received a check worth $450 and was told that more money would be forthcoming. The lawsuit goes on to state that Billotti’s father never received a contract. Louis A. Billotti passed away two months after the photoshoot.

‘Misrepresentation’ Caused the Lawsuit

The lawsuit alleges negligent misrepresentation and unfair enrichment. In addition, Bruce Springsteen, Sony Music Entertainment, and Springsteen’s managers are listed as defendants. Springsteen’s attorney contends that the ‘result of actions of third parties’ are beyond Springsteen’s control and that the singer is not liable to the plaintiff.

Attorney Kevin Kilcommons, representing the Billotti estate, chose not to disclose details regarding the case.