Bruce Kulick Says Paul Stanley Didn’t Like Gene Simmons’ Van Halen Inspired Song


Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick joined an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock in which he revealed that Paul Stanley wasn’t a fan of the song which Gene Simmons’s performance of the KISS song which was inspired by Van Halen.

Released on September 21, 1987, ‘Crazy Nights’ was the fourteenth studio album of KISS. The album features heavy usage of synthesizers and pop-metal keyboards. During the supporting tour of the album, the band played numerous songs from ‘Crazy Nights,’ however, KISS dropped most of these songs later on and never performed them live again.

The song ‘No, No, No’ also appeared on the ‘Crazy Nights’ album. It was based on Bruce Kulick’s riff, and he and Eric Carr turned this riff into a song in Carr’s apartment for Gene Simmons to finish it. Besides, ‘No, No, No’ is one of the guitarist’s favorite KISS songs because it features his guitar playing more than others.

In an interview by Ultimate Classic Rock, Bruce Kulick talked about the making of ‘No, No, No,’ and revealed his feelings about the song. He stated that he tried to use the techniques he learned from Eddie Van Halen in this song. Moreover, the guitarist said Gene Simmons was the one who started the idea of ‘No, No, No.’

Following that, Kulick revealed that Gene Simmons turned the song into a tip of the hat to Van Halen’s music. However, he said Paul Stanley didn’t really like it, but they used to play the song live a lot because ‘No, No, No’ didn’t turn out to be a bad song.

Bruce Kulick told Ultimate Classic Rock the following about ‘No, No, No’:

“‘No, No, No’ was another really fun thing. Eric Carr obviously loved double bass drum and Alex Van Halen. As I said earlier, I was [almost like] a student of Eddie Van Halen, trying to emulate and use techniques I learned from him to be creative. Eric and I worked on the intro and brought it to Gene.

It was Gene who started with the idea of ‘No, no, no, no.’ In many ways, it was a bit of a tip of the hat to a Van Halen thing, with Gene as the singer and lyricist. I don’t think Paul really loved it, but we used to do it a lot. You know, he’d prance around on stage playing it. It didn’t turn out to be a bad song and we used it live.”

You can listen to KISS’ ‘No, No, No’ below.