Brian May Says A Lot Of People Underestimated Freddie Mercury When He Was Alive

Queen lead guitarist Brian May and the drummer Roger Taylor recently gave an interview to Newsweek for Queen’s 50th anniversary. May reflected on Queen’s musical journey from the beginning and his former bandmate Freddie Mercury.

The legendary Queen frontman Freddie Mercury passed away on November 24, 1991, due to AIDS. His tragic death was a total shock for millions of fans because Mercury chose not to give details about the progression of his disease until his very last day. Mercury was just at the age of 45 when he died, but his extraordinary talent and iconic performances have inspired numerous people.

It is a well-known fact that Mercury’s death didn’t devastate just his fans. Being in the same band for 21 years until Mercury’s passing, Brian May was also profoundly affected by his death, as he revealed several times before. He explained in previous interviews that he couldn’t get over Mercury’s death for a very long time. It was tough for him to deal with such a devastating loss because he felt like Queen was his family.

Brian May always tried to keep the memory of Freddie Mercury alive and mentioned his name in many interviews with touching and emotional statements. As it is well known, some people negatively reacted to Mercury’s exaggerated personality and his marginal behaviors when he was alive. However, many people appreciated his value and exceptional talent much more after his early death.

During the interview with Newsweek, Brian May reflected again on Mercury’s legacy. Brian said that it was pretty difficult for them to complete the work they started when Mercury was alive. He defines Mercury as the bravest man he has ever met, and May thinks that seeing Freddie Mercury just as a showman undervalues the depth in his performances.

Here are some of his comments on Mercury:

“I think people are realizing more and more the extraordinary talent that he had. There was a lot of people underestimating Freddie during his lifetime. He was very showy and on the surface a showman, but there was a lot of depth there, too.”

May also said that he loved Mercury since the first day, but he also had some concerns about his musical performance. Freddie Mercury was a fantastic showman, but they were just hesitant about whether he could sing or not. May, later on, realized that he had an incredible talent after seeing his singing and also said that Mercury was always the driving force for the band.