Brian May Reveals His Final ‘Big Sacrifice’ For Queen

Brian May recently discussed Queen’s upcoming ‘Rhapsody Tour’ during his ‘Star Fleet Sessions’ album release. When asked him how he could go on touring abroad despite his age, the guitarist hinted at retirement plans and said:

“It’s getting close; I’m on the cusp. The long tours away from home when you cannot get home? I’m not sure I’m going to do any more of those after this one. It doesn’t sit with me as well as it used to. It’s a big sacrifice, a major world tour.”

May has been pointing out that Queen might be packing their tour gear for the last time since they announced their new tour. In fact, he spoke about how tough touring was in an interview with iHeartRadio back in April.

During that chat, the guitarist said the band decided to tour North America upon fans’ request. Then, he mentioned the challenges the members faced while traveling and added:

“I’ll be honest. It gets harder because when you get to our age – well, I’d say my age – I’m gonna discount Adam from this, but you don’t necessarily want to be away for two months from your home, you know, because you can’t get back. There’s no way; you’re stuck in hotel rooms.”

He went on to explain what kept him going:

“So, you have to really wanna do it, and it has to be fun. Luckily, where these guys [are], it is fun. It’s creative, and it’s demanding in the right kind of way [and] challenging, and we have a laugh. We have fun, and the audiences give us incredible responses. We just love it. So, we’re doing it.”

Queen is set to kick off the ‘Rhapsody Tour 2023’ on October 4 in Baltimore. They will wrap things up in mid-November in Los Angeles.