Brian May Gives First Indication Of Potential Retirement From Queen

In a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May, along with Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor, candidly discussed their experiences with touring. Fans have eagerly followed the band’s journey with Lambert filling in for the late Freddie Mercury, and the tours have been nothing short of spectacular. However, Brian May opened up about how it is getting harder for him to perform as they continue touring.

Queen + Adam Lambert have been touring together since 2011, taking the stage in numerous countries and playing in sold-out arenas. Their recent tours, such as the ‘Rhapsody Tour’ and ‘The Crown Jewels,’ have proven the band’s enduring popularity and relevance in the music industry. Despite their busy schedules, the members of Queen have consistently delivered powerful performances to their fans. Still, these shows did not come without hardships.

During the interview, Brian May talked about the challenges the band faced in meeting the demands of their global fan base. He acknowledged the love and support they received from fans, especially in America, where Queen initially gained a foothold in the music scene.

When asked about how the band decided to start touring, May explained:

“It’s a complex thing. I mean, it has to do with the demand, and it’s like – people want us. You know, you respond to that, and we’re very aware that America is still very encouraging to us. I could put it that way. So, you wanna go where people want you. Yeah, [people want Queen all over the world], but America is kind of where we grew up. You know that. It just felt right.”

As May continued to speak about touring, he admitted that it’s getting harder for him and his fellow bandmates as they get older. He highlighted the difficulties of being away from home for extended periods and the challenges of life on the road. However, the guitarist also emphasized the camaraderie and fun that the band experiences while performing with Adam Lambert while stressing that the young vocalist’s age makes the circumstances different for him.

He expressed his situation by saying:

“I’ll be honest. It gets harder because when you get to our age – well, I’d say my age – I’m gonna discount Adam from this, but you don’t necessarily want to be away for two months from your home, you know, because you can’t get back. There’s no way; you’re stuck in hotel rooms.

So, you have to really wanna do it, and it has to be fun. Luckily, where these guys [are], it is fun. It’s creative, and it’s demanding in the right kind of way [and] challenging, and we have a laugh. We have fun, and the audiences give us incredible responses. We just love it. So, we’re doing it.”

While Brian May admitted that the demands of touring have become more challenging for the band as they have gotten older, it’s clear that the love and support from their fans, combined with the fun and creative chemistry they share, continue to drive Queen forward. Their passion for their music and their commitment to their fans remain as strong as ever, ensuring that Queen will continue to rock audiences around the world for years to come.