Brian May Reveals His Favorite Queen Track Doesn’t Require His Playing

Brian May recently shared his favorite Queen track during live shows while disclosing why that particular song has resonated with the audiences so well during an appearance at BBC’s ‘The One Show.’

Queen had redefined the limits between the crowds and the artists, showing that an engaging audience could also have a place in a track, interact with the artists, and become a baseline for the sound. Concert halls weren’t the safe confinements of a recording studio, after all, and the fans wanted to interact, yell, and sing alongside their favorite acts.

So, while naming his favorite track to play live, the Queen icon also considered those facts as he picked that one track he always thrived in playing. Any average rock fan probably might guess it only by the simple mention of how interactive it was, and if your money was on ‘We Will Rock You,’ then you’ve guessed it right.

Brian mentioned how ‘We Will Rock You’ was a milestone in the act’s career and how they always saved it for the last as people loved finishing a night off by giving their all into a track and interacting with the act. The guitarist even noted that they sometimes didn’t need any instruments since the audience made up all the necessary sounds.

The rocker’s words on picking ‘We Will Rock You’ as a favorite:

“I still love playing all of them, if I have to be honest, [but] I would have to say ‘We Will Rock You,’ especially as this is the moment we’re relaunching the musical which was named after that song, always gives me a good feeling. ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’ are kind of staples at the end of the show, and you kind of know it’s gonna score.

You know people will be happy if they weren’t already, so, yeah, it’s lovely. You get the feeling you don’t need the instruments; you could do it with the audience to get it.”

So, although Brian loved playing all of Queen’s discography, the iconic song he wrote, ‘We Will Rock You,’ stood out the most as the rocker noted how it could be a magical experience for each fan since the act interacted with the audience. The song had the perfect recipe for concerts.