Brian May Responds To The False Accusations About Renovating His House, The Journalist Apologizes

In his Instagram account, following the flood disaster in London, Queen’s Brian May has responded acridly upon journalist Rachel Johnson’s claim of him having a double basement and has commented upon the journalist’s apology.

It is known that a flash flood hit London on July 12, 2021. After a storm, a huge amount of rain poured down on the city in 24 hours which was more than the amount it receives in a month and led to flash floods. After the flood, the residents were evacuated from their homes, the roads were blocked and train serviced were canceled.

The floods hit Brian May’s home too, as he has shown the condition of his house after it was flooded in a video on his Instagram account. He said his belongings were ruined and stated that he felt as if his home has been desecrated. May called the event heartbreaking and disgusting while appearing to be really saddened about it. He then stated Kensington has never flooded due to rainwater for 150 years and argued that it is the result of the basement buildings that have been plaguing the area for the past 10 years.

His Instagram post read:

“… I’m angry. Historically, for 150 years, Kensington has never flooded due to rainwater. Why did this happen? It’s almost certainly the result of all the basement building that has been plaguing this area for the past 10 years. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council was warned years ago that sinking so many deep basement extensions would obstruct the aquifers underneath our living space and render the drainage system ineffective.”

After his claims, the journalist Rachel Johnson has posted a tweet targeting Brian May. As seen also in one of Brian May’s Instagram posts, she stated that Brian May blames floods on the double basements in Kensington & Chelsea yet he owns a mega double basement.

Rachel Johnson said in her tweet that:

“I hate double basements so much I wrote a whole novel – ‘Notting Hell’ – about them. Amusing, then, to see Brian May blames floods on the undoubted ‘plague’ of double basements in Kensington & Chelsea… from his own mega double basement.”

Upon seeing this, Brian May responded to her accusations. In the post including Rachel Johnson’s tweet, Brian May said that he has never had a double basement or even a single one as he has a lower ground floor that came with the house. He said it is the many of the basements that were added over the last few years that cause severe disruption to the water table and the area’s draining ability of surface water. May then asked Johnson to redirect her smart comments towards the Borough council.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“I have no idea who Rachel Johnson is – but someone should tell her (on Twitter) that if she’s gonna be a clever tweet she needs to get her facts straight. I have never had a double basement or even a single one. I have a lower ground floor which came with the house. If that needs explanation, it sits about half a floor below street level, while the upper ground floor sits just above it.

That’s the way these houses were designed in the last century. In contrast, many of the basements added over the last few years project two or even three stories into the ground and cause severe disruption to the water table and the area’s ability to drain surface water. I would never put my neighbors through the four-year Hell of adding a basement as an extension to an existing property.

People who do this are a menace to decent residents. Kensington has been wrecked by the RBKC’s policy of allowing these works to compromise our quality of life. If you want to do some good in the world, Ms. Johnson, why don’t you redirect your smart comments towards the Borough council? Bri.”

Rachel Johnson then saw what Brian May has said, and tweeted an apology from him and his wife Anita Dobson. She said she was wrong as she tweeted without checking if May had a double basement. Johnson added that it was unkind and inaccurate, saying she stands with them against the plague of double basements and showing she was flooded too in a video attached to her tweet.

Rachel Johnson’s apology tweet read:

“To Brian May and Anita Dobson an apology: Yesterday I tweeted you had a double basement without double-checking. I was wrong. I’m sorry – it was unkind & inaccurate. I stand with you against the plague of double basements! PS I was flooded too – here’s my back door.”

Brian May later shared her tweet in one of his Instagram posts, thanking Johnson and saying it was very gracious of her. He then said her deluge looks worse than his, stating he hardly slept as he was obsessively trying to rescue his belongings. May added he is glad they are on the same side, saying this issue needs to be addressed urgently.

Brian May’s latest post on the issue is that:

“Many thanks, Rachel. Very gracious of you. My God – your deluge looks even worse than mine. I feel for you – I hope you’re coping with the carnage. I’ve hardly slept since it happened – obsessively trying to rescue ancient photos and scraps of ephemera that now seem much more ephemeral … how many more people out there are wrestling with this disgusting mess? I’m glad we’re on the same side – this issue urgently needs addressing. Cheers – Bri.”

Below is the tweet by Rachel Johnson apologizing to May and his wife and showing her condition, along with the video showing Brian May’s residency in the aftermath of the flood disaster.