Dave Grohl Says His Teacher Mother Let Him Drop Out Of High School

Stern Show’s official Twitter account shared a clip from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s recent interview in which he revealed that his mother, who was a high school teacher, showed respected his decision to drop out of the school.

As you probably know, Dave Grohl’s biggest interest has been music since he was a young boy. He started his non-professional music career when he was in high school. He played with many local bands, such as Freak Baby. While playing in Freak Baby, he started learning how to play drums and then became the band’s drummer for a while.

Then, Dave Grohl joined Scream’s audition to be their next drummer following Kent Stax’s departure. Scream members saw his talent, that they invited him to join the band. Grohl decided to focus on his musical career, and he dropped out of high school. After Scream disbanded, he became Nirvana’s drummer and gained international success.

During his recent interview, Grohl recalled when he told his mother about his decision to leave school. He stated that Virginia was okay with it because she was an English teacher. She knew that Dave Grohl didn’t belong to the school, thanks to her experiences as a teacher. Her support became a milestone in Grohl’s career.

Grohl said in his interview that:

“We’re very conflicted. I mean my father was a classically trained musician with the perfect pitch. He had the ear and musical mind. I’m sure he had his own weird sense of synesthesia. I actually wrote an article about transfer to Atlantic and it basically says that ‘How Far Does the Apple Far From the Tree?’ In my case, it rolled all the way down the road… One of the reasons why my mother was okay with me dropping out of high school was because she was a high school teacher, English teacher.

She knew that no two children learn the same. Sometimes it’s not the kid who fills the school, it’s the school that fills the school. She didn’t think I was a complete idiot. She just knew that I wasn’t gonna make it under the fluorescent light of these public school things. So, when I said ‘I gotta go, I gotta go play music,’ she said ‘You better be good.’

Stern Show’s tweet read:

“Dave Grohl tells Howard Stern about the different responses he received from his mom and dad when he told them he wanted to drop out of high school and pursue music.”

You can see the tweet below.