Brian May Is Thrilled After Outdistancing Adele, Elton John, And Coldplay

In a new Instagram post, Queen guitarist Brian May excitedly announced that he surpassed Adele, Elton John, and Coldplay in the U.K. Singles chart with ‘Back To The Light.’

Brian May released his debut solo album ‘Back To The Light’ on September 28, 1992, in the U.K. and on February 2, 1993, in the U.S. and Canada. He focused on this album after Freddie Mercury’s tragic death in 1991 to deal with his grief. The album contained hit singles like ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You’ and ‘Driven By You,’ and it achieved considerable success following the release.

This year, in June, Brian May announced that he would reissue the album as part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series.’ The musician released the ‘Back To The Light’ reissue on August 6, and soon after the release, he asked his fans to join his ‘Bri-army’ to promote the record. May then announced Bri-army’s mission is getting this album to the top of the charts. Moreover, about 10,000 fans joined the Bri-army to show support for their favorite musician.

According to Brian May’s recent Instagram post, the Bri-army has accomplished its mission. In the post, May revealed that his ‘Back To The Light’ single is at the top of the U.K. Singles Chart, outdistancing successful artists like Adele, Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay. It seems that the musician is quite happy with the result as he wrote a big ‘Yippee’ on the picture revealing the news.

Brian May stated in his Instagram post that the result was amazing for a mid-week position in the chart. He then thanked his fans for their support and implied it meant a lot as he has been away from social media for a significant time. May added that he will explain the reason soon but now he is thrilled that ‘Back To The Light’ found success again in 2021.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Wow! That’s an amazing result for a quick mid-week position in the U.K. singles chart! Thanks, folks for the support – especially since I have been so lacking in visibility recently. I’ll explain soon. But I’m thrilled that ‘Back to the Light’ – the song – is having a life in 2021. Bless you, all! Bri.”

Below, you can check out the photo Brian May posted on his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram