Bon Scott’s Brother On Bon’s Pre-AC/DC Time In Jail, ‘The Best 12 Months He’s Ever Spent’


The late AC/DC singer Bon Scott‘s brother Derek opened up about the musician in his latest appearance on the ABC documentary series named ‘Australian Story.’ In addition, Derek Scott told how the frontman began his musical journey after being put in jail due to an incident.

Scott was a student at John Curtin College of the Arts, but he decided to leave the school when he was fifteen years old. Until he formed his first band, Scott worked as a farmhand, crayfisherman, and a trainee weighing-machine mechanic. In 1963, the young boy ended up in Fremantle Prison because of giving a false name to the police, escaping custody, stealing patrol, and statutory rape, which was having sexual intercourse with a fifteen-year-old girl.

After staying in prison for a while and nine months at the Riverbank Juvenile Institution, Scott and his friends he met there, John Collins, Brian Gannon, Wyn Milsom, and Murray Gracie, founded The Spektors. Moreover, according to his brother, being in detention was a milestone in the singer’s life. It taught him to be more responsible, and he spent time with some boys who were playing guitars there.

Even though the late AC/DC frontman knew that he let his family down due to things he did, Scott changed his life thanks to the other people that were also in there. From that moment, the musician realized that his life’s greatest passion was creating music and had a direction. After the various band that he was part of, Scott became a member of one of the most famous and popular rock bands globally, AC/DC.

In Derek Scott’s words, he said:

“He knew he let his parents down, but Bon’s time in there, 12 months, probably the best 12 months he’s ever spent. It not only taught him a little bit of responsibility and everything else, but also it settled him down. While he was there, the other people were playing guitars, so they formed a band. When he came out, he had a direction.”

You can watch the episode below.