Bob Daisley Recalls The Time He Felt Like Slapping George Harrison In The Face

Ozzy Osbourne bassist Bob Daisley joined The Metal Voice for an interview in which he recalled the time George Harrison said something so unbelievable that he felt the urge to slap him.

Throughout his career with Osbourne, Daisley recorded numerous albums with Gary Moore and toured with the musician. In 1986, Black Sabbath offered him a spot in the band, but the bassist refused and continued playing with Moore until his passing in 2011.

Gary Moore collaborated with various musicians and performed multiple genres, including hard rock, jazz fusion, heavy metal, and blues. Citing The Beatles icon as an influence, Moore also worked with Harrison on various occasions. So, Daisley was also there with him during those performances.

In an interview with The Metal Voice, Bob Daisley recalled when George Harrison visited Gary Moore when they were neighbors. When asked about this incident he described in his memoir, the bassist started talking about what happened back then.

Bob Daisley said that he has been a fan of The Beatles ever since he was 13 years old. He then stated that Gary Moore lived near George Harrison in the 1980s. Apparently, Harrison came to one of their shows and then into their dressing room after the performance. He talked about The Beatles as if it wasn’t a big deal playing with them, and this made Daisley want to slap him in the face.

In the interview, The Metal Voice’s host told Bob Daisley that:

“You had the chance to meet George Harrison years later when he came to visit his neighbor Gary Moore at one of Gary’s shows. And the way you just described that whole story in the book – he’s so self-effacing, and you must have been shocked to realize you’re talking to a live Beatle!”

Bob Daisley responded:

“Oh, I was gobsmacked! I’ve always been a Beatles fan, since I was 13 or something, getting ready for high school, and my mom had the radio on in the kitchen, and ‘She Loves You’ came on, and my ears picked up and I ran into the kitchen and turned the radio up. I thought, ‘God, what is this?’ And that was like, ‘Oh, this new band from England called The Beatles.’ And it’s just amazing.

I was just so fascinated with the whole energy thing, the whole what was happening with that. And that was in the ’80s, when Gary lived near George Harrison, that George came to one of our shows and stood on my side of the stage for the whole show. And then he came into the dressing room later, and I shook his hand, and that meant a lot to me.

But the way he was talking about this band that he used to be in, he said, ‘Oh yeah, we used to play here.’ And I felt something, ‘George, you’re George Harrison, and the band you were talking about is The Beatles!’ I felt like giving him a slap! But he was very nice, he’s a real gentleman, a lovely gentle person.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.