Billy Idol Names The Suicide Album That Would ‘Drive People Out Of The Room’

Billy Idol emerged on the British punk scene in the 1970s, around the same time as Suicide. As it turns out, Idol was a fan of the band’s music. According to his recent tweet, one of the albums in Suicide’s catalog was so underappreciated when released that he would put it on to clear a room.

“What a great album ahead of its time!” said Billy Idol in his tweet, referring to Suicide’s same-titled debut studio album. He then added humorously, “On a side note, if you wanted to drive people out of the room back in the ’70s, I would just put this on!”

Suicide released their same-titled debut in 1977. Although the album generally received positive reviews upon its initial release, their audience in the US didn’t really like the album. In the end, ‘Suicide’ failed to chart in the States. However, it later became a milestone in electronic and rock music.

Today is the 45th anniversary of ‘Suicide’s release, and the band’s recent tweet to celebrate this reminded Billy Idol of its true value. As it appears, Idol knew that ‘Suicide’ was a gem, but people around him weren’t aware that the album would end up being a classic hit in rock music history.

‘Suicide’ is also a highly influential album that had an impact on artists from various genres, including Bruce Springsteen, the Fleshtones, Spacemen 3, and Peaches. The band wasn’t really popular among the general public either, but they later became known as one of the most influential bands of their era.