Billy Idol Credits Steve Stevens For Making His Musical Dreams Come True

In the music world, a collaborative effort can take artists further than they could ever achieve on their own. We can list many iconic songwriting duos, such as John Lennon & Paul McCartney and Elton John & Bernie Taupin, who have combined their talents. As another of these successful partnerships, Billy Idol and Steve Stevens have been together for years. In a recent appearance on the Story Behind the Song podcast, Idol reflected on Stevens’ role in his long-term career.

Speaking of how they initially came together, Billy Idol said, “I said to Steve, ‘I got this EP; I really need a band. How about you help me put a band together, and we’ll see if we dig in what we are doing as we put the band together and write songs together. If we dig in what we are doing, we’ll stay playing together,’ and that’s what happened.”

Idol revealed that they had felt the chemistry from the very beginning, and they immediately started working on his first solo record. The singer recalled, “We put the group together, and we did that first ‘Billy Idol’ solo album that had ‘White Wedding’ on it. It was working, and I was writing with Steve. ”

“It was just a lot of fun,” remembered Billy fondly. “So, it carried on. Once I saw what Steve could do musically, I realized this guy on guitar I could go all over the map musically. Anything I wanted to do, we could achieve it, and also with the producer I had then, Keith Forsey. I knew, with Keith and Steve, I could live my musical dreams basically.”

Billy Idol disclosed that he was heavily impressed with Steve Stevens’ guitar playing when he first heard him. Thus, he believed they could achieve anything if they stuck together, which proved the singer right considering their future successful years. Besides Stevens, Idol also appreciated his producer Keith Forsey’s help in making his musical dreams come true.