Bill Kreutzmann Won’t Join The Dead And Company Tour

In a surprising turn of events, The Dead and Company recently took to Instagram to announce that their drummer and founding member, Bill Kreutzmann, will not be joining them on their upcoming tour. The announcement has left fans wondering what’s going on behind the scenes as they prepare for what is expected to be a legendary final tour for the band.

This summer, The Dead and Company will embark on their Final Tour, putting an end to their 8-year journey as a band. Formed by Billy Kreutzmann himself, the band’s upcoming farewell tour will unfortunately not include his presence due to creative differences. As fans anticipate the band’s final performances, they’ll be missing the beats laid down by one of its founding members.

In a heartfelt message posted on their Instagram account, the band addressed their fans, acknowledging the ever-changing nature of life and the music industry. They expressed their determination to continue honoring the legacy of the Grateful Dead, while also preparing to bring that chapter to a close. Despite the absence of Kreutzmann, the band is committed to making this final tour a memorable one for their fans.

The caption read:

“Every day, things change. After many long discussions and some good old-fashioned soul searching, we are letting you know that our brother Bill Kreutzmann will not be joining us on our final summer tour. Bill wants you to know that he is in good spirits, good health and he is not retiring.

This is the culmination of a shift in creative direction as we keep these songs alive and breathing in ways that we each feel is best to continue to honor the legacy of the Grateful Dead. The final tour will go on as planned with Bill’s full endorsement and support.”

As a spinoff of the iconic Grateful Dead, The Dead and Company formed in 2015 with most of the original band members who played together between 1965-1995. Despite the creative differences that have led to Kreutzmann’s absence from the final tour, the band is determined to deliver an unforgettable experience for their fans. Although this final tour signals the end of an era, the future for the band members remains uncertain. Will they disband, or will they continue to create and collaborate on new projects? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: The Dead and Company – Instagram