Bad Religion’s Mike Dimkich Refuses Claims About Sex Pistols Not Being Able To Play

At one point in his career, Mike Dimkich played guitar with Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones. The chemistry of the duo, who started working together in 1989, was good, although it wasn’t a long-term partnership. Remembering those times in his last interview with Ultimate Guitar, Dimkich shared what it was like to work with Jones.

“Probably not by that point, because by that time, I had gone through the songs forensically,” he said when asked if he had learned anything from Steve Jones about Sex Pistols songs. “But he would tell me interesting, weird sh*t, like in ‘Submission’ in the bridge there, he just does a harmonic at the 12th fret, that ‘ding ding ding ding’ part. I was like, ‘How the f*ck did that occur to you?’ He was like, ‘I don’t know.’”

The guitarist continued, “When he would tell me about how he played the bass on this or that, that stuff was interesting to me. And I’ll say this to anyone, listen, he’s probably the most musical person I’ve ever met in my life. He can just sit down and play the drums well, he plays piano, he’s a great bass player, a lot of people claim the Sex Pistols couldn’t play, and it’s like, no, the guy’s a f*cking savant.”

Before Dimkich crossed paths with the Sex Pistols icon, the musician played for the California punk rock band Channel 3. He got his first guitar from his mother’s boyfriend, who was a blues guitar player. He tried to learn the Sex Pistols songs as he picked up the guitar, but at first, he couldn’t do anything but play the same chords repeatedly. However, the D, C, and G chords he played were to be the chords he would play in The Cult, as he was already preparing for his future at a younger age.

The Sex Pistols had an exceptional place for him, and time would reunite him with one of the band members. The guitarist, who experienced one of the turning points of his career with Jones, continues to play with Bad Religion. They are currently hitting the road for their tour, and after a few concerts in Australia in February, they will be moving to Japan in the spring.