Asking Alexandria Bassist’s First Public Reaction To Ben Bruce’s Split: ‘Not As Big Of A Deal To Us’

Asking Alexandria bassist Sam Bettley recently shared his thoughts on Ben Bruce’s departure from the band in an interview with El Planeta Del Rock, emphasizing the bond among the band members and their priority for the family.

The musician described the band members as brothers who have grown together over the past 15 years, saying:

“Here’s the thing: we’re all brothers, and we’ve been brothers since it’s been 15 years now. And when we started doing this, obviously, we were all young, and we were kids, really. And throughout the years, we’ve all got families. We’ve all got kids. I’ve got two boys — four and about to be two — and he’s got a family, and he’s got kids. And if there’s one thing that we always said, it was always put family first.”

Maintaining Brotherhood Beyond The Band

Bettley continued, underscoring the continuous communication and unchanged brotherly bond with Bruce despite his physical absence from the band:

“And if you’re feeling there’s certain things and reasons that I don’t wanna go into — it’s not my place to go into — but it’s just a no-brainer. He’s staying home just to be with his family for a bit, and we still speak to him all the time, and he’s still like just as much of a brother to all of us, and it’s just not as big of a deal to us, because we’ve kind of known about his feelings of this for a while.”

Adapting To Performances Without Ben

He finally added the following about performing without Ben:

“We’ve done a few tours without Ben, actually, recently too, because of these reasons of him needing to be at home with his family. So, to us, it’s gonna be definitely weird and different to be on stage without Ben, for sure, but I will be definitely speaking to him and seeing him just as much as I ever did. There’s no bad blood there. We all have families, so for us to put ourselves in his shoes, and he’s our brother, we get it. And much love and respect there.”

Last month, Bruce announced his exit from Asking Alexandria through Instagram stories, expressing his gratitude for the support over the years and his need to dedicate more time to his family, especially given family medical situations. He founded the band in 2006 and contributed to eight studio albums.

Despite Ben’s departure, Asking Alexandria looks ahead to a busy tour schedule in South America starting in late February. The band has yet to announce a replacement for Bruce, leaving Cameron Liddell as the sole guitarist.

Watch his full interview below.