Ann Wilson Recalls Aretha Franklin Leaving Her In Tears

During a recent chat with People magazine, Ann Wilson revealed some of the musicians she liked singing along with over the years. While mentioning names like Elton John and Disturbed’s David Draiman, she also shared a memory from Aretha Franklin’s 1981 show at the Roxy on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

Touching on the performance’s effect on her, the singer recalled:

“They sat us right by the stage—just a little tiny place. I was really happy to be there. She’s always been one of my idols, but she sang a couple of songs, and I was just in tears. It was so wonderful. It’s just — I couldn’t control myself.”

Wilson’s recent interview came ahead of her headlining performance for Women Who Rock’s benefit at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on October 21. So, the singer also commented on some female musicians that recently caught her eye by saying:

“Lzzy Hale is a great one. She’s got some oomph to her, and I love Lucinda Williams because she’s so raw. I’m waiting for a lot of ’em to take off the leather pants, skulls, and all that kind of stuff and be themselves. [Laughs]”

Also touching on Taylor Swift’s music, she added:

“I think she’s extremely talented. Extremely talented and in at least three ways — songwriting, singing, and dancing. She seems to have a really creative imagination, and she’s picked people to work with that get her, which I think is really great. You don’t have that all the time.”

In addition to the Women Who Rock event, Wilson is scheduled for a few more performances with her band Tripsitter before the end of the year. Her tour’s next stop will be The Vic Theater in Chicago on October 19.