Ann Wilson Picks The Best Beatles Album To Take To A Deserted Island


Heart’s Ann Wilson recently spoke to AXS TV’s Stranded and revealed The Beatles album she thought would be best to take to a deserted island.

Every artist has a top-five list they never grow tired of listening to. In their ‘Stranded,’ AXS TV asks these artists about the albums they would take to a deserted island or a place where they wouldn’t be in contact with the rest of the world. According to the recent episode, the first name that came into Ann Wilson’s mind was the Beatles.

Despite being a ’60s band, the Beatles still have a tremendous influence over the music scene due to their revolutionary and experimental approach to the industry. The band created several timeless songs and successful albums that still have an audience in the modern world. Apparently, Wilson has also reserved a spot for the Beatles in her ‘stranded’ playlist.

Speaking to AXS TV, Ann Wilson stated that she would take the Beatles’ 1968 double album ‘The White Album’ if she were stranded on a deserted island. According to the musician, there are plenty of songs in this album that can appeal to anyone, from funny songs and rock hits to great ballads.

After that, Wilson also picked Led Zeppelin’s album ‘Led Zeppelin IV,’ Joni Mitchell’s 1976 record ‘Hejira,’ Steely Dan’s ‘Gaucho,’ and Lucinda Williams’ ‘Essence’ for her five-album playlist. Considering the names the Heart icon mentioned, it seems her playlist would include various genres and artists from different periods.

In the video, Ann Wilson said the following:

“The first one is the Beatles’ ‘The White Album.’ A double album, so there’s plenty of music on there. There’s something for everyone on there. There’s funny stuff, rock stuff, great ballads, and typical Beatles craziness. Just great music. I would take that for sure.”

You can watch the rest of the video below.