Andy Powell Shares Wishbone Ash’s Worst Album Ever

Wishbone Ash guitarist Andy Powell recently talked to Classic Rock and shared his firsts, favourites, bests, and worsts on the music grounds. When he was asked about the worst record he made, he answered:

“In a fifty-year-plus career, there has to be a worst, and it’s our sixth album, ‘Locked In’. We had moved to Atlantic Records, who teamed us up with the late, great producer Tom Dowd. Let’s just say it wasn’t a marriage made in heaven. The whole experience felt miserable. We lost our big rock sound.”

Oppositely, Powell said the best record he made was ‘Argus’, and he further explained:

I used to steer away from saying that ‘Argus’ [1972] was Wishbone’s watershed moment, but in my dotage, I don’t mind admitting that. It was our third album, and we pulled the style of the band together with that record. It’s a classic.”

For the question ‘greatest album ever’, Andy replied:

“That’s such an impossible question. I’m picking ‘Rubber Soul’ by The Beatles, because I’ve got the sleeve framed in my house. Even though it was released in 1965 the production values still shine through, as does its overall vibe. I still love it. They were tapping into so many feelings and emotions.”

You can listen to ‘Locked In’ below: