Amy Lee On Evanescence’s New Song Yeah Right: ‘I Started That Song A Decade Ago’

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang and talked about the band’s newest single, Yeah Right.’

Back in April 2020, Evanescence announced the title of their upcoming album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ and they launched third singles, Wasted on You, The Game Is Over, and Use My Voice, since then.

When they announced the release date of the album, which is March 2021, Evanescence also released a new single, ‘Yeah Right.’ After a month, over 700K people listened to the song on YouTube.

In the conversation, Amy stated that she started to make ‘Yeah Right’ a decade ago and said that they were trying to make the song perfect before releasing it. In this way, Amy showed that they are trying to release perfect content for the audience.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“’Yeah Right’ has been a long time coming; I started that song a decade ago. It was mostly there, it had been at the top of the pile for a really, really long time. We’ve always had a cool pile of extra scraps and pieces of unfinished songs.

That’s just one that kept on not plugging in, and then something happened this year when we got together and started playing and pulling songs together in pre-production — I was, like, ‘I finally know how we can make it work!’

It’s one of those songs that we’re going to have to figure out how to do live because I don’t want to be glued to the Moog the whole time. It might be a good time to whip out the keytar.”

Click here for the source, and you can listen to the song below.