Amy Lee And Taylor Momsen Reflect On Being Female In The Rock Scene


During a recent interview with Alternative Press, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee and The Pretty Reckless lead singer Taylor Momsen opened up about the position of female musicians in rock and roll music. According to both successful rockers, their music is unrelated to their gender and they compete with musicians from all genders.

Gender inequality is a tale as old as time and it’s in every field of the business world. Despite coming a long way compared to years ago, women from all around the world are being exposed to sexism and constantly being compared to their same-sex colleagues. Unfortunately, this applies to rock and roll music as it’s a male-dominated genre with countless rock icons being male and female musicians are often being overshadowed.

While there are countless female musicians in the rock and roll scene that can prove the inequality of sexes in the blink of an eye, Amy Lee and Taylor Momsen are two of the representatives of how women in rock music are top of their games just as male rockers. In addition to being supportive of each other, both musicians have been focusing on their bands and released studio albums this year, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ by Evanescence and ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ by The Pretty Reckless.

During a recent interview, the inevitable question was asked to both Evanescence and The Pretty Reckless lead singers and they revealed their opinions on the competition that has been forced upon female musicians in rock music. According to Amy Lee, there’s an understanding that makes every woman think there’s only room for one, therefore, they have an ugly competition. However, Lee stated that she and her fellow female musicians want each other to be successful and support each other for that matter.

During the interview, Amy Lee stated:

I think it’s funny because it goes along with giving men what they want, the feminism/sexism question of, ‘Why is there that stigma that women are going to fight each other and there’s only room for one?’ And there’s always been this thought in my mind that that’s actually a misogynistic idea because they want to see a catfight. They want us to mud wrestle. They want to imagine that we all want to just tear each other apart, and the clothes are coming off. This ridiculous thing because in life, of course, we’ve all definitely been around very competitive women that are tough to be around.

I don’t have friends like that. I don’t know about you all, but it’s hard to be around those girls. They’re usually just really angry. But overwhelmingly, the people that we are and that we want to surround ourselves with are people that lift each other up, and we want to see each other do well. I need my women in my life. I need my girlfriends, my sisters, my grandmas. That means so much to have that understanding, support, friendship, and camaraderie.”

After Amy Lee’s statement, The Pretty Reckless frontwomen also revealed her opinions about the matter and stated that competition always pushes a musician forward as long as it’s healthy. In addition to this, Taylor Momsen stressed the importance of having the competition with all the other musicians regardless of their gender, rather than just having a girl’s fight.

Taylor Momsen’s statement follows:

Yeah, but I also think that competition is something that forces you to examine yourself and make yourself better and pushes you forward. To say that there isn’t a competition, I think that that’s a false statement. It doesn’t necessarily have to come from a negative standpoint. We’re all competitive here. We’re all putting out our own records.

I think competition is a really healthy thing. And I think it’s a very necessary thing, especially in music. And I think especially when it gets related to women, people tend to equate that to girl fights. And it’s like, ‘No.’ I love all of you girls, and I’m very supportive of everything that you do. I think that it’s healthy.”

It’s always wonderful to see two female musicians supporting each other when it comes to their music since like said by Amy Lee and Taylor Momsen, people often perceive female musicians as ruthless enemies. In order to change the stigma surrounding these successful rockers, the music industry needs more people like Lee and Manson as well as a change in the perception.