Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti Says Having His Signature Model Was A Special Moment

Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti recently gave an interview to Ultimate Guitar and talked about his unique PRS model. According to the guitarist, having his signature model was one of his best moments.

Tremonti formed Creed in 1994 with Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips. In 1997, they released the debut album ‘My Own Prison,’ which achieved massive mainstream success. After that, Creed hit the road to tour in support of the release. PRS Guitars approached Tremonti then to see if he would try one of their guitars.

After that, Tremonti and PRS Guitars formed a decades-long relationship. In the end, the guitarist became one of the longest partners of the brand and one of the first to have an amp, the MT15, to his name. Currently, Tremonti has Core and SE signature model guitars he produced with PRS.

In a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Mark Tremonti revealed that his signature model was the first single-cut model PRS did. Tremonti then recalled that Paul Reed Smith asked him to try their guitars, and he told him he had a PRS. Later, Smith sent him a McCarty model, which he still has.

Mark Tremonti said that model is among his favorites, but it didn’t suit his needs. So, PRS ended up sending him lots of guitars to try. After a while, they asked Tremonti to collaborate to make a signature model. According to the guitarist, opening the case to see his signature guitar for the first time was one of the best moments of his career.

Asked whether he had the first single-cut model that PRS did as his signature model, Tremonti told Ultimate Guitar:

“Yes. Paul Reed Smith had asked if I wanted to check out their guitars, and I said, ‘Absolutely, I own a PRS, and it’s one of my favorite guitars.’ He sent me one; it was a McCarty, and I still have that McCarty. It is one of my favorite guitars, but when I played it on stage, the pickup switch and the volume knobs were all in the wrong places for what I was used to. At the moment, when you’re playing live, you need to be able to switch up things on the fly.

The tone of it was more round sounding than I was used to when I was playing my Les Pauls back in the day. So they sent me another guitar and another guitar; I was like, I love these guitars, but they’re just not suited for me in a live sense. So they said well, why don’t we make you one that you can customize and make for your signature model, at that point, there was only Carlos Santana and me, so it was a huge honor for me. Still, one of the best moments of my entire career was opening up that case to see my signature model finally done. It was just a very happy moment.”

As Mark Tremonti said, PRS only had signature guitars for him and Carlos Santana at that time. So, it’s not a surprise having his own signature PRS model was an honor for the guitarist. Although this guitar prompted a lawsuit from Gibson, it’s still produced today by PRS as the company won the case.