Alice Cooper Won’t Be Retiring Anytime Soon

The godfather of shock rock came bearing news of what his fans can expect from him this year in his Planet Rock radio show, ‘Nights with Alice Cooper.’ From Alice Cooper‘s sneak peeks, it is clear that the musician isn’t planning to stop anytime soon with all the scheduled live shows and a new album on the horizon.

Although it might seem that he’s been still for a minute, the upcoming months are about to be busy as Cooper has scheduled shows for a tour in the UK in July with his Hollywood Vampires bandmates Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, and Tommy Henriksen. He is also going on his solo trek across North America starting this April well into fall with a completely new show for his fans.

Alongside his life on the road this year, he is also gearing up for his 29th studio album, a follow-up to 2021’s ‘Detroit Stories.’ Cooper revealed that the album is a rock and roll body of work that is about to ‘knock’ everyone off their seats.

Alice Cooper’s words for everything that is coming up this year:

“I think it’s fair to say that it’s going to be another amazing year because it’s a brand-new (Alice Cooper) show. We’re bringing an entirely new show. The castle has gone – (I) can’t tell you what it will be right now, but I can tell you there’s that.”

“There’s another album coming out that’s really going to knock you out. Everybody really likes it, the people that have heard it so far. It’s just a rocking rock and roll album.”

From all the inside information coming straight out of the shock rocker’s mouth, it’s pretty clear that the 75-year-old has no intention of stopping the momentum of his life on the road performing almost every night for his fans. April is just around the corner, so there is only a short time to go until he returns to the road for a good while.