Alice Cooper Says The One Kind Of Music That Never Ended Was Hard Rock And Explains The Reason Why


In an interview with NME, legendary vocalist Alice Cooper shared his opinions on the ongoing argument about the death of rock music, which was initially suggested by KISS icon Gene Simmons, and stated that the only thing that will be going years from now was hard rock.

While the 50th anniversary of his music career is approaching, Alice Cooper still continues to create new music that his fans have been longing for dearly. For his 73rd birthday, which was on February 4th, Cooper released his brand new single named ‘Social Debris‘ from his 21st album, ‘Detroit Stories,’ which was released on February 26th.

Recently, Cooper joined an interview with NME to talk about various subjects including his brand new album as well as the future of the rock music industry. During the conversation, Alice was asked to share his personal opinions regarding Gene Simmons’ claims about the death of rock music.

As you might remember, KISS co-founder Gene Simmons joined the ongoing discussion about if rock music is dead or not. He stated that rock is dead because none of the ‘new bands haven’t taken the time to create glamor, excitement, and epic stuff.’ In a more recent interview he joined, Gene once again claimed that rock is dead and the people responsible for this were actually the young fans who have been streaming almost everything on different platforms.

While referring to the ongoing debate, Alice Cooper stated that Simmons is a businessman whom he would like to do his taxes. He further stated that Gene’s claim that rock is dead is actually valid, yet he mentioned he was sure that somewhere in London or in the United States, there are some young musicians trying to learn hard rock by listening to Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses.

He continued by suggesting that rock and roll is where it should be at the moment and pointed out that there are great hard rock bands out there, such as Foo Fighters and Green Day. According to Cooper,  hard rock is the only kind of music that started and never ended by simply evolving from punk to disco then to hip-hop, and then to grunge by preserving its core. Alice added that The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper managed to be still themselves because of hard rock which will be still going 40 years from now.

Here is what Alice Cooper stated about the future of rock music referring to Simmons’ claims:

“Gene Simmons — I would like him to do my taxes, ’cause he’s a businessman, and business-wise, his claim that rock is dead is valid. But I guarantee you right now, in London somewhere, in garages, they’re learning Aerosmith, they’re learning Guns N’ Roses — a bunch of 18-year-kids is in there with guitars and drums, and they are learning hard rock. It’s the same with the United States — there are all these young bands that wanna resurge that whole area of hard rock and outlaws.

So, in some ways, rock and roll is where it should be right now. We’re not in the Grammys; we’re not in the mainstream. Rock and roll is outside looking in now, and I think that gives us that outlaw attitude. And I think that’s very good for rock and roll, ’cause that’s how rock and roll started; we were all outlaws at the time, and then we became mainstream. But now, hey, Foo Fighters, Green Day — a lot of great hard rock bands out there.”

Cooper continued:

“The one kind of music, if you think of it, that started and never ended was hard rock. Because it went to punk, it went to the disco, it went to hip-hop, it went to grunge — it did all these things — but the one thing that went right to the middle of it was hard rock. The Rolling Stones were still The Rolling Stones; Aerosmith was still Aerosmith; Alice Cooper was still Alice Cooper.

We survived those things because the guitar-driven hard rock is the only thing that will still be going 30 years from now, 40 years from now. And I think music will go all over the place, but you’re gonna find those hard rock bands still there.”

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