Alice Cooper Joins Elton John To Recreate Their 50 Year Old Picture Celebrating Bernie Taupin’s Birthday

The shock-rock legend Alice Cooper, songwriter Bernie Taupin and the pop-rock artist Elton John got together to celebrate Taupin’s 71st birthday and shared the pictures on their Instagram accounts. The group decided to recreate the 50-year-old picture with John, Taupin, Cooper, and Eric McCormack.

As many of you may know, Bernie Taupin and Elton John have a long history together. Taupin has been alongside Elton John for almost 50 years and has been writing lyrics for many of his songs. The pair’s long-lasting friendship is still going on.

Bernie Taupin not only wrote songs for Elton John but also wrote for the shock-rock legend Alice Cooper. The pair collaborated for Copper’s fourth solo studio album, ‘From the Inside,’ which was released in 1978. ‘From the Inside‘ and ‘Serious‘ were two songs co-written by Cooper and Taupin.

Recently, the group got together to celebrate Taupin’s 71st birthday. The trio captured the original photograph 50 years ago on Bernie Taupin’s 21st birthday. They were joined by the actor Eric McCormick for the recreation of the picture. Cooper shared both pictures saying they are celebrating Taupin’s birthday ‘the only way they know how.’ Bernie Taupin also posted a picture and stated that it was the best birthday ever showing his happiness.

Here is what Cooper said in his post:

“50 years later. Celebrating Bernie Taupin’s 71st Birthday the only way we know how.”

See what Bernie Taupin’s post said:

“Reunion!!!! I’m late posting and all my besties have beaten me to it but this night was one for the ages. Best birthday ever. To be with this group again after almost 2 years of hell was Heaven on earth. Craig’s LA you did us proud.”

Check out the original posts below.

Photo Credit: Alice Cooper – Instagram
Photo Credit: Bernie Taupin – Instagram
Photo Credit: Bernie Taupin – Instagram