Alice Cooper Explains If Johnny Depp Is In Hollywood Vampires Only To Be Eye Candy For Girls

Hollywood Vampires frontman Alice Cooper spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang and talked about the members of the Vampires.

As you might already know, Hollywood Vampires is a supergroup that formed back in 2015, featuring Alice Cooper, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and famous actor Johnny Depp as a guitarist.

In the conversation, Alice praised the talents of both Joe and Johnny, starting with the legendary guitarist of Aerosmith. He said that Joe is living in his own world and revealed how a special guitarist he is.

Furthermore, Alice pointed out that Johnny is not eye candy for the girls while saying that he is such a great guitarist who could even take the lead guitar alongside Joe in some of the songs.

Here is what Alice Cooper said:

“Joe is one of those guys who is in his own world. Most lead guitar players that I know are in their own worlds.

Johnny Depp was a guitar player long before he was an actor, so I can yell out ‘Brown Sugar,’ and he knows it and plays it dead on. He is a very well-rounded guitar player. He can play lead right up there with Joe Perry.

People think he’s only there to be eye candy for the girls, but Johnny is as good a guitar player as anyone I’ve ever had in my bands. The Vampires is an awfully good band.”

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