Alex Skolnick Defends Bill Maher’s Stance Against Donald Trump

Alex Skolnick recently defended Bill Maher over the comedian’s words that former president Donald Trump was ‘crazy’ on X.

Maher uttered the words in a recent chat with Joe Rogan, as the comedian discussed how he believed Trump was ‘crazy,’ ‘stupid,’ and a ‘criminal.’ So, Skolnick backed up the statement, stating why he sided with Maher on this:

“Not that I agree with Bill Maher on everything, especially lately, but here, he’s describing observable facts. Yet, some think Trump can do no wrong. We all have ‘TDS!,’ they say. Here’s a new one: Pro-Trump Derangement Syndrome. PTDS. If you blame TDS, you have PTDS.”

Then, the Testament guitarist replied to a comment saying they didn’t support Maher’s recent words on different topics, such as his stance against SAG-AFTRA strikes and woke culture. Alex said:

“Same. His new persona is a bit bizarre, mostly reactionary with occasional valid, debatable points but so undermined by his performing for the Rogan-Peterson-Gutfeld ‘anti-woke’ crusade crowd. And the take on the writers’ strike was tone-deaf at best, what the f*ck. But here [on Donald Trump], he’s spot on.”

The rocker continued by replying to another tweet which stated that Maher’s statement was just a subjective ‘opinion:’

“Mixed in are opinions, yes, but these assessments are based on facts. Example: ‘Criminal.’ Ok, not convicted, yet, but heavily indicted. ‘Crazy.’ Claiming election victory when all his advisers, other than a tiny minority now criminally charged themselves, said he lost? Seems fair.”

You can scroll down to see a sneak peek from Maher’s interview with Rogan and Skolnick’s tweets.