Alex Lifeson Names The Most Difficult Rush Song To Play

In a new interview with Ultimate Guitar, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson discussed his new amp line and tribute shows, and he also named the most challenging song to ever play. The interviewer, acknowledging that Rush has many challenging songs to play, asked Lifeson the most demanding track they have ever recorded. He replied:

“Oh, uh, every one? One that comes off the top of my head would be ‘Natural Science.’ That’s pretty intense playing. And in the studio, we’d play things a million times before we were confident we got the best take. So, playing that particular song a million times was challenging.”

Is Rush Reuniting Anytime Soon?

Established in 1968, the trio sustained a long-lasting career until the retirement of Neil Peart, subsequently marked by his passing in 2020. Today, there is an acknowledgment that Rush would not be the same without him.

The rockers had been on tour for 40 years until they stopped touring in 2015. Despite enjoying the shows with Lee, Lifeson insisted there were no new plans not only to hit the road but also that he had no interest in touring in any capacity at all.

But in addition to the drummer’s passing and Lifeson’s uninterest in touring, the possibility of reuniting with Geddy Lee for a musical project anytime soon also seems far. He said of a collaboration:

“When he’s ready, he always says, ‘Come over for a coffee and we’ll go down to the studio and bash around a few notes.’ Yeah, call me. And so far he’s been so busy, but I think maybe in the new year — or this is the new year — maybe soon we’ll find the time to sit down and see what happens. Maybe nothing happens. Maybe it’s not there anymore. Maybe it’s gonna be amazing. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

You can see the interview below.