Al Jourgensen Recalls Getting The Approval Of Neil Young And Bob Dylan For ‘Lay Lady Lay’


Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen recently joined an interview with Metal Edge and revealed that Bob Dylan and Neil Young gave very positive feedback to their Dylan cover, ‘Lay, Lady, Lay.’

In his career spanning over forty decades, Al Jourgensen is best known as the lead singer and primary lyricist of Ministry, and he is the only remaining original member. Ministry released its fifth studio album, ‘Moral Hygiene,’ on October 1, 2021. The album featured several guest appearances like David Ellefson, Billy Morrison, and Arabian Prince.

Besides their original tracks, Ministry has also covered many songs from well-known artists and bands throughout their careers. They even released a cover album named ‘Cover Up‘ in 2008, featuring covers from the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, the Doors, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles. Bob Dylan’s ‘Lay, Lady, Lay,’ which initially took place in the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Filth Pig,’ was also a part of the album.

During the interview with Metal Edge, Al Jourgensen was asked about the Dylan cover and whether he had any chance to talk to him about it. The frontman revealed that Bob Dylan called him and said that he liked their version of the song a lot, which made Jourgensen very happy.

Then, he also recalled getting the approval of Neil Young when they debuted the song at Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit concert. Young honored the musician by saying that his performance of ‘Lay, Lady, Lay’ reminded him of Jimi Hendrix‘s great Bob Dylan cover, ‘All Along the Watchtower.’

Al Jourgensen speaking on their Dylan cover, ‘Lay, Lady, Lay’:

“He actually called me and said our version was badass. And we also debuted it when we did an all-acoustic set at Neil Young’s Bridge School benefit concert in 1994. Neil told me personally, ‘You own that song like Hendrix owns ‘All Along the Watchtower.” Even though Dylan wrote that one, too.

And then I got this surprise call from Bob, who I’d never met, and he said, ‘Yeah, really good job.’ So that was pretty fulfilling considering that we only did it as kind of a dare between me and Paul Barker. He did not want to do it.”

You can listen to Ministry’s Bob Dylan cover below.