Adam Lambert Reflects On Getting Old, ‘I Have A Peter Pan Complex’


Queen + Adam Lambert frontman Adam Lambert opened up about turning 40 in a couple of weeks during his recent interview with Attitude Magazine and expressed his feelings and thoughts on it. Lambert said that he has Peter Pan syndrome and then talked about his birthday plans.

Peter Pan syndrome can be described as a metaphor used for people who can’t accept that they are getting older and have childish behaviors. The syndrome has stayed as an informal term because World Health Organization didn’t regard it as a mental illness, and thus, it wasn’t listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. However, some psychologists have continued to mention it in their works.

Therefore, it is now considered a pop-psychology term, inspired by the worldwide known fairytale character Peter Pan who never gets old and is trapped in childhood forever. Adam Lambert also wanted to use this metaphor to describe his feelings about becoming a forty-year-old man a few weeks later. He admitted that he has Peter Pan syndrome, so turning 40 is terrifying for the singer, as he wants to stay young.

Furthermore, Lambert stated that he’s scared and excited about the new period of his life, which he described as a ‘personal transition.’ Then, the musician added that he doesn’t have any plans for his birthday party, but he wants to celebrate his 40th birthday with his close friends. Lambert’s fans will probably witness some moments from his party through the singer’s official Instagram account.

Lambert stated in his interview that:

“I don’t have anything planned for my 40th yet. I’ll do something with friends. I do have Peter Pan complex, for sure, so 40 is slightly terrifying. That being said, I’m on a personal transition right now into the next chapter. It’s exciting.”

Consequently, although Adam Lambert is afraid of getting older, it can be said that he looks much younger than his age, thanks to his self-care routines and good genes. Most of the singer’s fans generally agree with that and share their kind comments about Lambert’s good looks and style through social media.