Adam Lambert Gives Details On His Upcoming Musical Project With Boy George

Adam Lambert spoke to Boy George for an interview in the Attitude Magazine and talked about his forthcoming projects in 2022. Lambert revealed a musical that is in progress, and George will also be involved in it.

It looks like Adam Lambert has a pretty busy schedule for 2022. Starting from May, he will be touring with Queen + Adam Lambert in the UK and Europe. The tour will begin in Belfast, UK, on May 27, 2022, and it is scheduled to end in Helsinki, Finland, on July 25, 2022. Besides the band, Lambert also has other projects soon awaiting release.

Adam Lambert has been working on a concept album, as he announced towards the end of last year. He released his latest studio album, ‘Velvet,’ in 2020, and since then, his fans have been excitedly waiting for the new one. It has been a while since he started working on it, but the release date is unclear yet. It is planned to be dropped in 2022.

During his conversation with Boy George, Lambert talked about the concept album and expressed he really liked working on it. He also revealed that the album will be connected with his upcoming musical project. Lambert explained that the name of the musical is not certain yet, but he gave other details about it. He stated that Boy George will also be involved in the musical, and it will be based on an adaptation from a real person’s life.

Here is how Adam Lambert talked about his upcoming projects:

“It’s about a real-life person who’s a bit obscure. Writing music for someone else’s story has been really interesting. It takes place in the 70s. I love that era. I’ll be putting out an album, linked to the musical. A concept album, where I’m performing it.”

Adam Lambert also revealed that the musical will take place in the 1970s, which is one of his favorite eras. It seems like his fans will be quite satisfied with his latest news, and they will look forward to seeing them as soon as possible.