Adam Gontier Regrets The Way He Left Three Days Grace

Adam Gontier recalled the day he left Three Days Grace.

In a recent interview with Rock Feed, the former Three Days Grace singer talked about the day he left the band and why it was a tough decision for him. As it appears, the rocker had a few reasons to leave the band. He told:

“It was really a tough decision. Basically, I wasn’t in a good headspace, I had been using [drugs], I don’t think I was using at the exact time that I left but even aside from addiction and stuff, my whole life was all messed up. The whole thing was. I had to shut things down, I had to stop something ’cause I was just in a pretty bad place. “

He then went on to explain how it felt to leave and what he wanted to do next:

“For me, the decision was like I need to go home and just stop everything. It just felt like a big machine rolling and I was caught underneath it. So yeah, it was a tough decision and I know now, and I didn’t know I probably could have handled it differently the way that I left and that sort of things. It wasn’t a sit down and talk about it kind of thing; it was like I’m gone, and I just left. You live and learn.”

Will TDG and Gontier Ever Collaborate?

Adam Gontier played a crucial role in Three Days Grace for 16 years until his surprising decision to leave the band on January 9, 2013. Gontier resigned from the band right before they were set to embark on a co-headlining tour. Matt Walst from My Darkest Days, the brother of bassist Brad Walst, stepped in as the new lead singer, filling the void created by Gontier’s departure.

Despite having left the band over 10 years ago, Gontier has not ruled out the possibility of reuniting with Three Days Grace. Earlier, he mentioned ongoing discussions about collaborating with the band, but the specific details and timeline for such a reunion remain uncertain. He said:

“We chatted a little bit about the possibility of doing some stuff in the future, but we’re not 100 percent sure what that would look like, exactly when that would be. It’s hard to say right now. They’re pretty busy doing their thing for their newest album, and I’ve got Saint Asonia going full steam right now and another side project. It’s definitely tough to say. Anything’s possible. We’ll see what happens.”

Though things are not certain, we might hope to have a collaboration soon.

You can see the interview below.